Landesberufsschulzentrum Graz St. Peter

1. Preis beim EU-weit offenen, zweistufigen Wettbewerb
07/2007 -
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Auftraggeber/Auslober: Landesimmobiliengesellschaft Steiermark
Mitarbeiter: René Waclavicek
Irmgard Derschmidt
Oliver Macek


English Summary


In our project for the State Vocational School Center in Graz-St. Peter, the existing school campus will be consolidated and the entire semi-public educational facility overlaid with a continuous, urban-differentiated surface that folds up the edges of the area and at the same time the insides of future building developments. A multifunctional roof and façade landscape is produced, forming a kind of vertically-flipped intermediate space between inside and outside, between buildings, city and nature. When cities serve as a three-dimensional building lot, “landscape” and “city” exchange their roles. Morphologically-differentiated roof areas and building backsides form an inner-city carpet, which is not only determined by the requirements of the buildings, but is at the disposal of all the inhabitants of the neighborhood as a three-dimensional urban garden. The opening of hermetic school buildings to the city, the interweaving of the large school area with public space and a multiple use of the roof and façade surfaces is a large challenge in the context of the increasing compression of the neighborhood. New workshops, laboratories and classrooms as well as a boarding school and an underground garage will be erected in several phases during the course of the school year.